Hi there!

My name's Diego Clare, and I write songs. You can find most of them here. I'm 22 and I live in New York, where I study music and interdisciplinary science at the New School for Liberal Arts. In high school, I started a band called The Limetree Warehouse, and we released our Welcome EP in 2009 with the help of my manager, Richard Arlook, and producer, Gary Gold. With their support, I've since released two full-length solo albums, Even Now (Parts One and Two), and more recently, the Evolution EP (Nov. 2013), which was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska at Another Recording Company (home to Saddle Creek Records) with the help of Cursive's very own, Tim Kasher. 

Listen to "Bridesmaid" below, the latest single from my upcoming album, Diegesis, which comes out August 2014 and features the rest of the unreleased tracks from the Omaha sessions! Keep up with me and I'll let you know more about upcoming shows, recordings, etc. Thanks for stopping by!